Carrera Family

The Carrera Family is one of the oldest and most notorious families in the history of Chile. His presence in our country dates back to the mid-1600s, when Juan Ignacio de la Carrera Yturgoyen embarked from the Basque Country to our lands.

The most famous members of the family are the brothers Javiera, Juan José, José Miguel and Luis, sons of Don Ignacio de la Carrera and Paula Verdugo, who were active participants in the Independence of Chile on the patriotic side. Of them, José Miguel de la Carrera and Verdugo was the most prominent in the struggle for independence. He was Head of Government and First General in chief of the Army. Considered the first caudillo in the republican history of Chile and one of the first in America.

Javiera, the eldest of the brothers, is also an outstanding figure in our history. An intelligent and determined woman, is considered one of the ideological forces behind the plans for independence, who did not rest until getting the bodies of his brothers were moved from Argentina to Chile after his execution. He died at Hacienda San Miguel in 1862.