Thanks to its privileged location, in Viña Doña Javiera we receive year after year thousands of visitors from all over the world, who can know the place where more than 200 years ago an important part of the struggle for national independence was created.

In these tours, visitors can immerse themselves in the fundamental history of our country, and know the places that lived members of the Carrera family, and that are preserved until today for display, as the French pool of the seventeenth century where Javiera Carrera embroidered the first flag of Chile or the bed where she slept until her last days.

In addition, visitors can visit the owners’ houses -declared National Monument-, where there is an imposing oak dining room, an old still life, or walk through the gardens and interior courtyards of the property, where araucarias, pines and palm trees stand with more 200 years old.

The tours include a visit to the winery, where it is possible to observe the processes of production and production of wine, and visit the tasting room, where visitors can try and purchase our products.



Located in the municipality of El Monte, also known as «where the homeland is born», according to popular tradition, Viña Doña Javiera is located in one of the historic epicenters of our country, the «Hacienda San Miguel», where the Carrera brothers lived , family clan whose role was fundamental to achieve the independence of Chile.

Visiting Viña Doña Javiera I began to travel to the past, where the owners’ houses and wineries have stood firm since the 17th century, preserving its old charm, and where it is possible to go and observe the same spaces as the family members for 200 years Career called «home».