Doña Javiera’s vineyard is located in the Maipo Costa Valley, this is between the Andes and the Coast and very close to the Mapocho River, the main tributary of the Maipo River. The climate of the place is influenced by the cold air coming from the two mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean, which means having an important thermal amplitude between day and night. This favors the development of aroma and fruity taste of the grapes that is markedly different in the wines.

The soil, because it is very close to the river, is slender and stony in part of the vineyard where Cabernet Sauvignon is found, a vineyard that adapts very well to these conditions and expresses all its fineness and quality in its wines.

The rest of the vineyard is planted in the far part of the river where there is deeper soil and richer in clay in which the Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties clearly express their aromas and varietal characteristics.

The land of Doña Javiera has special characteristics to produce quality grapes that result in wines with identity, fine and elegant.